Camping at Camp Utila on Pumpkin Hill Beach

Opening In January 2018

Camp Utila is located at Pumpkin Hill Beach on the island of Utila in the Bay Islands. Camp Utila offers bathrooms, hot water showers, power at your tent, lockers, filtered drinking water, grilling areas, picnic tables, Wi-Fi, and discounts at Pumpkin Hill Bar & Grill.

2 person tent

Camp Utila is accepting reservations now for January 2018 via their website and on Presently, they have the following discounts available:

  • Book 2 nights and we will pick you up at the Municipal Ferry Dock (Utila Dream Ferry).
  • Book 3 nights and receive 15% off rentals (excludes tents). Use coupon code “3NIGHTS” at checkout.
  • Book 5 nights and get a free night. Use coupon code “5NIGHTS” at checkout.

Need the details on getting to Utila? See this post for travel details.



Getting to Utila Is Easy…Here Are the Details.

Getting to Utila Is Easy…Here Are the Details.
Utila the smallest of the Bay Islands on the southern end of the Mesoamerican barrier reef system is easily accessible to international travelers via nearby Roatan International Airport. Utila is quaint and not heavily commercialized, allowing one to truly escape into a private paradise.

From Roatan to Utila via the Utila Dream Ferry

Traveling to Utila is significantly easier now than in years past. The new Utila Dream Ferry maintains a regular schedule, and its very comfortable accommodations (such as spacious seating, great air conditioning, and a first-class cabin) make for a very pleasant voyage. Additionally, international flights arrive at nearby Roatan International Airport (RTB) daily and major cruise lines also keep a regular schedule at the Port of Roatan. The Utila Dream Ferry’s terminal is a short and inexpensive taxi ride from the airport further enticing travelers who previously overlooked Utila.

Presently, the Utila Dream Ferry departs Roatan at 2 PM (Fridays-Monday). Ferry schedules change during local events and festivities to accommodate large crowds. Please confirm the ferry schedule before making travel arrangements. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to get to the ferry from the airport via taxi.

If you are arriving from an international destination via air, you should also allow ample time to pass through immigration & customs (especially on Saturdays) in order to arrive at the Utila Dream Ferry terminal with ample time to relax. On Saturday’s, it not uncommon for one to wait in the queue at immigration for up to 45 minutes. At the immigration queue, you will be greeted by very friendly tourism personnel. They will assist with your entry forms as well as answer questions. In the event, your flight’s arrival was delayed, and you have a tight connection to Utila please advise them. They will gladly assist you (with a SMILE) to ensure you make it to the ferry. With this said, no need to worry because the ferry’s schedule was designed to accommodate international flights.

Once you cleared immigration & customs, it’s a short taxi ride from the airport to the “Utila Dream Ferry.” The cost is $10 USD (or approximately 235 Honduran Lempira). Make sure to reach an agreement with the taxi driver on the fare before entering the taxi. Please note, the price doesn’t include a tip.

The ferry terminal is equipped with great free Wi-Fi allowing for any last-minute phone calls or messaging to coordinate your arrival to Utila. The ferry ride to Utila takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Upon arrival to Utila, you will be greeted by “tuk-tuks” at the municipal pier that will for a nominal price take you to your destination in Utila. All tuk-tuks run on a licensed system and have their rates posted in writing clearly visible to passengers. As always, it’s good practice to confirms rates with your driver prior to departure to avoid confusion.

Via Air directly to Utila

Utila has a great regional airport with limited flights from Roatan (RTB), La Ceiba (LCE), San Pedro Sula (SPS), and Tegucigalpa (TGU) airports. We can recommend a local travel agent that can assist you with booking your flight. Utila has several smaller airlines that charge between $85-$115 USD per person from Roatan to Utila. The price of the flight varies based on the number of passengers.

Via Ferry from La Ceiba (mainland) to Utila

The Utila Dream Ferry makes two trips daily from La Ceiba usually departing at 7 AM and 4:40 PM. Ferry schedules change during local events and festivities. Please confirm the ferry schedule before making travel arrangements. The price is presently 575 Honduran Lempira or about $25 USD.

From Granada & Leon Nicaragua to Utila via Shuttle

We can recommend shuttle services in Nicaragua that can assist you in getting to La Ceiba directly where you will be able to take the ferry to Utila. The trip is lengthy and last approximately 20 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

Try Camping on the Beach

Interested in new adventures? Camping will soon be available at Pumpkin Hill Beach.

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